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Our trip to Scotland

lundi 26 novembre 2018

On Monday, September 17th, we left Gacé at 11.15 p.m. and hit the road to Scotland. We were very happy 😊 to meet our partners again. It was a long way ; it took us more than 20 hours to get there.
So on Tuesday we arrived in Kinross at 7.30 p.m. ; we saw our partners and their family waiting for us to get off the bus and we went and hugged them. Next we all went to the assembly hall where Mr Becher and Mrs Brown welcomed us.
During the week there, we discoverd Kinross High School, the town of Kinross, the castle and the town of Stirling ; we also took pictures in Saint Andrews and finally we visited Edinburgh.
Throughout the week we could exchange with our partner and their family as well as on the « ceilidh » organized on Friday 21st.
When we had to go back to Gacé, we could see all the sad faces ☹ and most of us shed tears because some of us will never see each other again. But some will stay in touch with their partner.
We can thank Mrs Goron, Mrs Cosnard and Mr Dumont for making us discover Scotland.
Written by Régina, 3B

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